38X Fitness October Spring Cleanse

38X Fitness October Spring Cleanse

Basic biochemistry in our bodies produce toxins and free radicals on a daily basis. Thankfully our bodies naturally detoxify and as a part of the normal body process, the body attempts to eliminate and neutralize toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph system and skin. However these days with increased air pollution, highly processed foods, pesticides and all the other toxins we ingest, our bodies can have a hard time keeping up. PLUS we are also subject to indulgences in our day to day lives. These additional challenges can cause us to start feeling lethargic, depressed and generally run down. At the extreme end it can lead to illnesses including interfering with the bodies attempts to maintain a healthy weight range.

So first and foremost a ‘detox’ or cleanse program is a good way to assist your body’s natural self cleaning system. A good cleanse is a chance for your body to have a break from constant exposure from chemicals, toxins and the normal lifestyle choices that often lead to health challenges.

As part of helping your body composition change, including fat loss it helps to ensure your bodies natural cleansing process is in top gear. You may know that you liver is responsible for removing toxins from your body, and it does this by turning fat-soluble toxins into water soluble ones so they can be excreted through your large intestine, kidneys and skin. If this is compromised and the toxins build up they are not released from the body and will be stored, including in your fat tissue. Whilst the liver is protected by the toxic load stored in the fat cell the theory is your body protects itself from a toxic environment for your organs (including your heart and brain) by quarantining the cell. Fat reduction may then be impeded as the fat cells cling to the toxins and your body clings to your fat cells.


As you probably know there are hundreds of cleanses or detoxs around – spend 5 minutes on google and you’ll see them…

Many cleanse’s involve periods of no or very little food intake or run for long periods. They also will make some strong claims as to what benefits you will obtain from there cleanse.

It’s no surprise that we are huge advocates of moving well and moving often, so it’s important to combine this with a balanced eating or nutrition plan that provides sufficient energy to get the most out of your training.

Through experience we believe that four days of reducing the toxic load intake and assisting with foods that are known to aid the body is both sufficient to help the body, and importantly achievable to complete and not de-rail half way through. It’s also important that you have energy to perform at your best in work, training and your daily life activities.

The cleanse plan is designed to increase your intake of vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, as well as sulforaphane and the antioxidant glutathione – nutrients your liver needs to detoxify effectively.


Shopping list and menus for cleanse:

You do not necessarily need to buy everything on the list just choose the ones that most appeal.

Vegetables: Scallion beans, cucumber, celery, radish, baby greens, onions, carrots, fennel, avocados, dark green leafy, vegetables

Fruit:Green apples, pears, grapes, lemon, tomato, fresh berries (frozen is fine)
Protein: White fish, Salmon

Smart Carbs: Quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice, flaxseed meal

Fats: olive oil, nut butters

Others: Herbal teas, apple cider vinegar, garlic, parsley, raw honey (or maple syrup)

Supplements: see Cleanse pack below – special price for Spring Cleanse participants.



  • Glass of water pre food
  • Green tea
  • Fruit salad (pear, ½ green apple, sml handful of berries, sprinkle flaxseed meal and fresh lemon juice)
  • Green smoothie – celery, cucumber, ½ green apple, handful of spinach, fresh lemon juice
  • 30ml of Kombucha tea –  note can add into smoothie
  • Pre+Probiotic + greens – note can add into smoothie

Note: You can split portion of smoothie – some for breakfast and morning tea.

Lunch: – biggest meal of the day
White fish or salmon
½ cup of smart carbs – prepare these and store in fridge over the 4 day cleanse
Liver cleansing medley – recipes below
Choose one of;
1/ Spring mix salad Radish, cucumber,celery and carrots or add some other veggies of your choice – mix with some meschlun greens, artichokes and dress with olive oil and apple cider vinegar.
2/ Bok choy salad Bok choy, red onion, green apple, sprouts, add lemon juice salt and coriander – let sit the longer the better – add olive just before serving.
3/ Raw kale salad Bunch of kale, red onion and a fennel bulb – thinly sliced. Pour juice of 2 lemons and sprinkle with salt (himalyan or celtic) Let it sit for a few hours or overnight. Dress with olive oil before serving.

Snack – have more of the lunch or veggies

Dinner – 1 ½ cups Veggie soup
Add garlic, onions, celery, carrot, parsley and turnip to the pot and cook off. Then add green leafy veggies like cabbage or kale etc. Simmer til veggies are soft.

Or Mung Bean minestrone
Same as above with some zucchini or yellow squash, some fresh tomatoes and some cooked mung beans

Immune booster – combine ginger and garlic 3:1 quantity. Can add to soups, smart carbs or salads as these are anti-microbial and blood cleaners. Your immune system will get a real boost.

Other tips for success:

• Be prepared before you start the cleanse so that soups and salads are already in the fridge ready to go.
• Throw out any funky seasoning, marinades or sauces contained in bottles or jars. THINK FRESH – Use fresh and dried herbs and use good quality sea salt, cumin, turmeric, coriander and thyme etc.
• Gently dry brush skin and/exfoliate before showering as it helps alleviate any detox symptoms you are experiencing.
• Do something relaxing each day for yourself – walk the dog, lying or sitting still for 10 mins, watch the sunrise or something that relaxes you.
• Remember it’s only four days so stay strong if you want to really feel the benefits.


Paulas Powder $55
Kombucha tea $13
Purified water bobble bottle $12
Total= $80

Special Pack price for challenge members $68

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