A high octane half-hour session delivering high intensity exercise and supercharged results


METCON is a supercharged 30-minute session designed to create the ultimate high intensity blast. Life is busy – so when you’re a little short on time this session means you don’t need to miss out on a workout. Metabolic conditioning refers to incorporating strength training with speed and power movements.

Metcon workouts are suitable for all fitness levels as the coach ensures that each individual is working to their level of fitness.

30-min HIIT workout

When you don't have an hour to spare, a short'n'sharp HIIT workout is your key to maximising your health and fitness gains

Speed + Power

It's not just about strength and heart rate - METCON also incorporates movements targeting speed and power

Suitable to all fitness levels

Using technology to monitor your heart rate and other data, our expert coaches tailor your training to match your ability


Through the support and careful guidance of our coaches and heart rate tracking technology, we’re able to adjust every client’s movements and training intensity to ensure everyone works at their own optimal level. A thorough pre-screen is conducted, and any injuries are accounted for with alternate movement options. The workout is not competitive in terms of keeping up with a number of exercises, reps or speed: it’s progressive in nature, and we support you every step of the way.

At 38X Fitness we don’t believe in fixed term contracts – we believe that by exceeding our clients’ expectations they’ll stay because they want to keep training with us. If your situation changes and you need to leave, all we ask is two week’s notice. There would then be one final debit, and you could keep training with 38X for the remainder of the fortnight.

At 38X Fitness we’re different from your regular DIY gym, where members pay their fees but generally attend less than once per week. They have little to no support without paying for a personal trainer, which can quickly add up to 100’s of $ per week.

We’ve found that our clients get amazing results because they have a personalised plan, clear training goals and great support. It feels like having your own trainer, but is much more affordable because it’s conducted in small groups. Our most popular plan is the Unlimited Plan, which costs less per week than a dinner out for one.

Yes, it’s best to. We have a maximum number of spots for each session, and reserving your spot ensures you won’t miss out. You can book in with the 38X Fitness app from the App store or Google Play, and can also save your spot through our website.

It’s quick, easy and gives you peace of mind. If you forget to book in and turn up for a session, we’ll happily accommodate you if spots are available, but will ask you to wait until the class starts before joining the group. If you have any problems booking, let us know and we’ll quickly fix it up for you.

There’s truth in the old adage that you can’t outtrain bad nutrition. Effective weight loss requires not only regular exercise, but also sustainable changes to your dietary habits.

Nutrition isn’t a one size fits all approach, so we offer personally tailored nutrition advice. No fad diets or quick fixes – our team will assist you in changing your eating habits for the long term. As an added service, you can choose the successful GET LEAN program or private nutrition consultations.

All you really need to bring along is your gym gear, including shoes, a sweat towel and water bottle. We have a filtered water fountain in the studio, or you can purchase water, and healthy protein snacks, if needed.


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